Amy H.


Amy H. is a powerhouse vocalist from South Jersey. Although she has always loved singing, she only started singing in bands in early 2020 after a friend suggested she give it a try, and she's loved it ever since. Some of her favorite vocalists are Paul Rodgers of Bad Company, Amy Winehouse, Janice Joplin, and of course Steve Perry and Jon Bon Jovi.

Her favorite songs to sing in JJ are Lights, Living on a Prayer and Stone in Love.

When Amy isn't onstage, she loves spending time with her three daughters and she also loves to hike, kayak and travel.

Joe D


Joe is a multi-instrumentalist original from Southern New Jersey. He has played with artists that range from gospel to singer songwriter to progressive metal. Joe's musical influences range from Prince to Dream Theater.

He brings to the band an impeccable sense of timing and feel that stays true to the original recordings while applying his signature sound.

Joe lives outside Philadelphia with his wife and two daughters. 

John m - aka j6

Guitar, Backing Vox

John Mendoza is a guitarist/songwriter from Southern New Jersey. John prides himself in being a musician that loves different genres of music including folk, pop, rock, and musical theater. He started playing classical piano at the age of five, and started teaching himself guitar at age nine. John has played in mostly original bands playing venues up and down the east coast. His original music is influenced by Bon Jovi, Queen, Steve Vai, and Eddie Van Halen. He has produced and co-wrote ten different albums with various artists. 

John is excited to play with Jovi's Journey, celebrating two artists whose music he loves so much. It's been a dream of his to play these songs on stage and he is so excited to do it with such a talented group of musicians.

John lives in Cherry Hill, NJ with his wife and three amazing children.

Dan C

Bass, backing vox

Dan picked up a bass guitar in his teens to join a friend's band and fell in love with the instrument. Inspired by rock bands on MTV such as Journey, Metallica, Guns n Roses, and Bon Jovi, that short-lived project morphed into an original hard rock/metal band that achieved some success before grunge changed the musical landscape almost overnight. Since then, Dan's passion for musical collaboration and commitment to the low end has led to contributions in original bands --singer songwriter folk rock and Americana -- as well as several classic rock cover bands in Delaware and NJ recreating the sounds and grooves of the 60s-80s, and 90s-00s.

Playing with Jovi's Journey is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the musicianship and the enduring power of well crafted songs that touch the heart and inspire us to keep the faith and never stop believin'

Dan lives in central NJ with his wife, middle-schooler, and Puerto Rican supermutt.


Mark L


Mark started taking professional organ lessons at the age of 9 for 4 years. Mark eventually joined his friends band and his love for live music began. Lucky enough to have played with many talented musicians, he has been in several rock, 80’s, progressive, funk and original bands in the NJ/NYC areas.

Mark enjoys re-creating the iconic synth/piano/organ sounds for the best possible live and hopes his energy on stage encourages everyone to dance and have a good time. Mark is so excited to be in Jovi’s Journey playing the music he loves with such talented players. The journey continues…

Mark lives at the Jersey Shore with his wife and dogs Ozy and Marv.